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  1. Find the instrumental you want to purchase
  2. Apply to purchase exclusive rights by contacting us - please send over a sample of your previous work(s)
  3. We will send you an invoice to make your payment, safely and securely over encrypted SSL protocol
  4. Receive audio files (MP3, 24-bit WAV, Trackouts)
  5. Sign exclusive rights agreement - you can view a sample here (negotiable)


FREE Bonus: Get one of your songs mixed and mastered free of charge for every instrumental you purchase.

You can reserve any beat by starting a monthly payment plan (available upon request). Keep in mind - should you fail to meet the payment requirements (30-day grace period after the final payment due date), the beat will be relisted for sale, and you will be allowed a 50% refund on your deposits (terms may change in the future).

Bulk deals are available upon request.

Important Information

  1. We respect the privacy of our clients. As so, all sales are confidential. Details regarding your order will never be shared with any other party, unless you give us permission.
  2. Once a track's exclusive rights are purchased, the track will be marked as sold, and no longer be available for purchase.
  3. Gross ownership (publishing & composition) is split 50/50 with the producer unless negotiated otherwise.
  4. If you're not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you qualify for a full refund as long as you contact us within 30 days of your purchase date. Please note that processing a refund revokes your rights to use the track, and it will be relisted for sale.
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Growing up in metro Atlanta, GA, I've been producing music since 2002 - specializing in R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock. Being taught the foundations of music theory by my Father (a band director and producer himself), I've always had a knack for figuring out what frequencies make the world move.

Naturally, my passion for music production, coupled with a curiosity for digital marketing at an early age expanded into entrepreneurship, resulting in the creation of Blue Road Music in 2015.

Blue Road Music is a full-service music production agency servicing the production needs of recording artists globally, with future plans of expanding into an imprint for publishing progressive music. I most recently created LVKEHOUSE as a brand for filmmakers and content creators to source production music for films and content.

“Empowering musicians and artists to externalize their gifts.”

Donovan Jarvis

Founder, Blue Road Music