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Home Studio Setup Checklist: 8 Essential Elements

Here’s a quick list of the basic essentials:

1. Computer

Here are some ballpark specs to keep in mind when shopping for music production computers:

  • RAM: 8 GB (or more)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 (or equivalent in power/speed)
  • Storage: 500 GB System Drive (or more)
  • Recommended Drive Type: Solid State Drives (these are faster and better suited for streaming audio than standard hard disk drives)

On the low end, this could run you about $1,000. I would call/search around for a computer that meets these specs.

2. Interface

This is the link between your devices (microphone, speakers, etc.) and your computer. Here’s a simple/affordable one you can get started with one like this one.

3. Microphone

Here’s a solid mic for recording vocals. Nice all-around sound for the price.

4. Reflection Filter

Reflection filters helps to contain your sound when recording, minimizing echoes, reverb, and room noise.

5. Monitors (Speakers)

You’ll plug this into the output of your interface and they serve as your speakers. Here’s a respectable model from Yamaha (as you go up in woofer size, the price increases, and so does the bass – these are the 5″).

6. Studio Headphones

Using headphones allows you to mute your monitors while recording your vocals (so the sound doesn’t bleed into the mic). Your headphones will plug into the interface as well.

7. Recording Software

Recommended software for recording vocals.

8. Cables

Mic cable (be sure to select your desired length).

Monitor cables (you’ll need 2 of these, one for each monitor).

This setup is a middle-of-the-road setup to get you going for around $2,500 (as of 2023). You can obviously pay a bit more/less by finding higher/lower quality alternatives for each product.

Shoot us an email if you need more information or assistance with your home studio setup!

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