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Holistic Music Production Services

We Take Your Song From Raw Idea To Polished Masterpiece Emotional Ballad Club Banger Intimate Underscore Pop Anthem

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Catch 33 - 'One More Last Night'

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It’s Our Obsession

We help artists create memorable songs that are primed and ready for distribution.

From instrumental production to arranging, mixing & mastering - our aim is to develop and maximize the emotional impact of singer/songwriters' raw song ideas.

How It Works

Whatever it takes to get your record to that place, we're committed to the process. From extra revisions to transparent communication, we pride ourselves on prioritizing quality over speed.



Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us.


Submit your song idea - even if it’s a super rough phone recording.


We begin building out the essential production elements - corresponding with you throughout the process, ensuring your creative vision is preserved while giving you our best original work.


Instrumental audio files are sent to you for you to record your vocals over. Virtual vocal production assistance is provided if needed.


After receiving your vocal recordings, we fine-tune the production then mix and master your song to give it a “finished” sound that is ready for distribution.
Work With Us

No Strings Attached.

You retain full ownership of your Masters and are not obligated in any way to continue working with us after the release of your song - even if you “make it big”. You can rest assured that the instrumental for your song will be personalized, original, and completely exclusive to you.


Take some time to express yourself.

Donovan JarvisGRAMMY-Nominated Record Producer & Composer

If you can’t feel it, what’s the point?
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