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Exclusive Mixing & Mastering Services

Bring the best out of your song
No confusing add-ons or hidden fees
Over 20 years of song-mixing experience

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What You Get & How It Works

What You Get

Never worry about losing your files. Not only do we store them forever, but we send you your files via email and physical mail (on a flash drive).

Here’s everything you get in premium-quality WAV format:

  • Original mastered version
  • iTunes/Apple Music version
  • Spotify version
  • Mixed Trackouts
  • Instrumental
  • Acapella
  • Live show version
  • Unmastered version

* Alternate versions available upon request.

How It Works

Keeping it simple, and getting to the point is our motto. Here’s an overview of how your project will run with us on a per song basis, from start to finish:

5-Step Process

  1. Select your service
  2. Upload your files
  3. We get to work and send you your new master for approval
  4. We promptly handle any revisions if needed
  5. Once approved, you receive the final files, as mentioned in What You Get

* You get unlimited revisions for the first 7 days after you receive the first draft (excluding the days we are making edits).

* No extra upcharges for countless, technically confusing add-ons… because sometimes you don’t know what you may need until we get there, if at all in some cases. In any case, we have all of your potential “add-ons” covered in your one-time fee – whatever it takes to get your song there.

Service Packages

No confusing or hidden add-ons. You pay a one-time fee based on your stem count. Whatever needs to happen on our end to take your song’s mix to the next level, we’re ready & equipped to do it.


Up to 20 stems


Select Service


21-40 stems


Select Service


41+ stems


Select Service

All packages include

Contact Points

  • Communication throughout the process
  • Unlimited revisions for the first 7 days after you receive the first draft (excluding the days we are making edits). Then, 3 more free revisions


  • Editing
    • Audio cleanup (if needed)
    • Vocal tuning (as needed/requested)
    • Drum/stem replacement (if needed/requested)
  • Mixing/Processing/Mastering
    • Noise-Reduction
    • Volume leveling
    • Spatial panning
    • Compression
    • Saturation
    • Frequency equalization
    • Reverb
    • Delay
    • Stereo-widening
    • Other advanced processing & creative effects
    • Commerical loudness maximization


  • Hi-Res WAV files in digital and physical formats, as stated in What You Get (above)

If you need mixing only or mastering only, those services are available upon request.


What is mixing? What is mastering? And what's the difference?

Mixing is the process of balancing, adjusting, and blending various elements of an audio recording to create a harmonious and sonically pleasing final track. This involves the manipulation of individual audio tracks (stems) like vocals, instruments, and effects to create depth, dynamics, and a sense of space within the music.

Mastering, on the other hand, is the final step in audio post-production. It involves refining the mixed track, making fine adjustments to the audio to prepare it for distribution. This can include tasks like equalization, limiting, and compression to ensure the music sounds its best on all platforms and devices.

The Difference: Mixing is about creating balance among individual elements, whereas mastering is about ensuring that the final mixed track is polished and ready for public consumption.

Why do mixing and mastering matter? Why don't I just skip this step?

Mixing and mastering are essential for bringing out the best in your musical creations. Skipping these steps is like serving a cake before it’s been frosted and decorated—it’s not complete and not yet at its full potential.

Without proper mixing, your song could sound muddy, disjointed, or lackluster. Mastering ensures that your track sounds professional and meets industry standards, so it can compete with other commercial releases.

What are stems?

Stems, as referred to in our service packages, are the individual audio tracks that comprise your song in full. For example, the kick, the snare, and the lead vocal, are all examples of stems.

What files do you need to get to work?

1. The stems for mixing (2 options below)

  • If you like where your rough mix is headed, we would rather pick up where you left off. In this case:
    • Send one set of “wet” stems (effects enabled) – 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV.
    • Send one set of “dry” stems (effects disabled) – 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV.
  • If we are mixing the song from scratch
    • Only send “dry” stems (effects disabled) – 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV.

2. Your demo mix – this helps us hear the big picture before we zoom into the details.


  • Even when sending “wet” stems, disable all non-creative effects on all mix/master buses (compression, eq, reverb, delay) before exporting. You can leave more creative/stylistic effects like flangers & choruses enabled.
  • Be sure all tracks start at the very beginning of the song (the 0:00 mark).

How do I export stems from my DAW?

We’ve curated step-by-step video guides for exporting stems from various DAWs:

Feel free to consult these guides to ensure you’re exporting your audio files correctly, optimizing them for the best possible mixing and mastering results.

How do I prepare & submit my files to you?

Our Upload Page

After you successfully place your order, you will receive an email with a link to our upload page to upload your audio files. Upload a .zip file that includes all exported files with the following title structure “”. Be sure to name all individual tracks correctly.

Alternatively, you can upload your files to a file-sharing website like Google Drive or Dropbox, and send us the download link.

Can I send a reference track?

Yes, if you have preferences, these can be helpful in sculpting the sonic profile of your song’s mix.

What is your usual turnaround time for a mix?

We will  have your initial master back to you within 2 weeks per song, usually just a few days.

Do you offer mix revisions?

You get unlimited revisions for the first 7 days after you receive the first draft (excluding the days we are making edits). After your 7-day revision grace period, you get 3 more free revisions.

We are committed to bringing the best out of your songs and treat them as if they were our own.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods via WooPayments over a secure SSL connection:

  • All major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Affirm

Who should I give mixing credit to?

Credits are much appreciated. Please credit our mix engineer, Donovan Jarvis (e.g. ‘Mixed by Donovan Jarvis’).

I'm working on a larger project (EP, Album, etc.), do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for larger projects. Chat with us live (bottom of the screen) to learn more about our current bulk deals.

How long do you store project files?

Unless you request otherwise, we store all project files in-house indefinitely. However, be sure to proactively store the physical and digital copies of the finished master files we send you in a safe and secure place.

Do you offer products and services outside of mixing and mastering?

Yes, Blue Road Music is a full-service music production company that helps artists and songwriters effectively establish & develop an authentic sound that’s ready to be presented to the world.

Our other products + services include:

Exclusive Beats
Custom Music Production
Virtual Vocal Production

Still have questions? Live chat with us, or schedule a free 15-minute call to discuss your concerns.