Upload Your Audio Files

How to prepare files for mixing & mastering services

Step 1: Gather Your Files

We'll need a single “.zip” file that contains the following files:

1. The stems for mixing (2 options below)

  • If you like where your rough mix is headed, we would rather pick up where you left off. In this case, send 2 sets of stems:
    • Send one set of “wet” stems (effects enabled) - 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV. Leave non-creative effects on bus/master channels DISABLED.
    • Send one set of “dry” stems (effects disabled) - 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV.
  • If we are mixing the song from scratch
    • Only send “dry” stems (effects disabled) - 16, 24, or 32-bit WAV.

2. Your demo mix - Simply bounce down your song as is, if you haven't already. This helps us hear the big picture before we zoom into the details.

Important Requirements:

  • Use the following title structure for your zip file: “ArtistName_SongName_125BPM.zip”.
  • Be sure to name all individual tracks correctly.
  • Even when sending “wet” stems, DISABLE all non-creative effects on all mix/master buses (compression, eq, reverb, delay) before exporting. You can leave the more creative/stylistic effects that add musical character like flangers & choruses enabled.
  • Be sure all tracks start succinctly at the very beginning of the song (the 0:00 mark). For example, if a part comes in for the first time at 0:30, there should be silence for the first 30 seconds of that stem file so that it lines up with the arrangement of the song.
  • Maintain the original sample rate when exporting your stems. If the song was recorded at a sample rate of 48kHz, then be sure to export the files at 48kHz.

Step 2: Upload Your Files

Click the "Upload Now" button below to upload your .zip file. Your files will be safely and securely stored in our private Dropbox account.

Need Help Exporting Stems In Your DAW?

We've curated step-by-step video guides for exporting stems from various DAWs:

Feel free to consult these guides to ensure you're exporting your audio files correctly, optimizing them for the best possible mixing and mastering results.