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Only You Can Define Success For You

As a creative, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of “making it big” in the music industry. We see other artists with similar talents signing record deals and imagine ourselves in their shoes, living our dream lives.

But what does success really mean to us? Is it winning a Grammy? Making it to the top 10 on Billboard? Building a small, dedicated fanbase? Or maybe it’s something as simple as making a full-time income as an anonymous musician.

The truth is, success means something different for everyone. And the less specific you are about your plans and goals, the more specific someone else will be about using you as a part of their plans and goals.

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But before you can even begin to think about achieving success, you have to understand what that process entails.

What are the steps you need to take to get there?

And how do you break them down into manageable tasks?

One thing to keep in mind is that not every goal requires the same process or set of tasks.

You’re Giving Up So Much Power

Creatives often feel like they don’t want to deal with the “business” side of things, and just want to focus on being creative. But the amount of power they give up by not taking control of their own careers can be astounding.

It’s like giving away the power of their destiny.

Creatives tend to get so hyped up over the idea of “getting found”, especially when they see other people with similar talents sign life-altering record deals.

As if whatever label they sign to will prioritize going out of their way to uncover & fulfill the creative’s deepest dreams and desires over fulfilling their own.

Not happening.

And as long as the creative has not defined success for him/herself, that can’t happen.

Once signed, they are now an employee of a label.

So whatever their undefined vision of success looked like is surely overridden by the goals of the label. There are very few cases where newly-signed artists are allowed to call the lion’s share of the creative and business shots.

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Take These Steps Today

Define success for yourself.

The creative part of being a successful musician is only about 10% of the full picture. The other 90% is made up of vision, strategy, and effective execution.

So before you write your next song… take a moment to think about where you see yourself as a creative 5 years from now and beyond.

What does that look like?

What are you currently doing (or not doing) to move towards (or away from) that direction?

What do you need to learn in order to move forward?

Get real with yourself. I dare you to change.

It may be scary, but you have the power to shape your own destiny. Don’t give that power away to anyone else. Define success for yourself and go after it with all you’ve got.

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